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Today more than ever We develop the producer with passion!

We are the financial arm of the producers

We commercialize around 35 thousand tons of grains and fertilizers!

Why choose Agrovizion?

Financial support

We have the lowest rate in the market


Direct deal with the producer

We are the preference of more than 2 thousand producers with more than 60 hectares


Guaranteed quality

Our products are analyzed with the latest technology systems

Constant innovation

Our processes are constantly updated to always be at the Forefront

International presence

We exports our produts to a lot of ountries 

Strategic location

We have 9 branches in the northeast of Mexico

We are the financial arm of the producers

Our products


We contribute with the basic food of the country distributing 250 thousand tons. from white corn to the dough and tortilla industry in Mexico.


We receive 40% of the total production of crystalline wheat from the Mexicali B.C. valley, and
San Luis Río Col. Sonora.

We produce more than 3 thousand tons. of certified seed for the benefit of the producer in cost, performance and quality


We pluck 35 thousand bales of cotton, we grant a greater benefit to the producer in their classification, through equipment state-of-the-art automated


Semolina is a type of flour that is derived from wheat, which is obtained through a process of grinding this grain, being an ideal flour for making dough and pasta.


We guarantee the lowest price on seeds, liquid or granular fertilizers

We provide the Mexican countryside with more environmentally friendly methods